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the only thing worse than a dirty car is a dirty dog. wash them both at super suds car & dog wash!

more than a car wash...we're a car & dog wash!

Super suds...the newest car and dog wash in colorado springs!

Now you can keep your car and your dog clean with one convenient Colorado Springs location.  Offering a 24/7 self service car wash at Woodmen Road and Black Forest Road, next to Maverik, Super Suds offers touch free and soft cloth wash for your car, truck, or RV. 

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash introduces a pet wash that eliminates the mess of doing it at home and works as convenient as our self service car wash!  Simply select the type of wash you would like to perform and our automated warm water wash and rinse comes out the auto spray head, followed by a built-in dryer cycle. Safety leash and treats available!

super suds wash Services

Located at Woodmen and Black Forest Road (next to Maverik), Super Suds Car and Dog Wash provides you a choice of washing your car with either automatic touch-free or soft cloth technology. In the same stop, wash your dog with our easy do-it-yourself dog wash and save time and the mess of washing your dog at home.
Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs


Touch free and soft cloth washes in a variety of packages including unlimited washes.

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs


Convenient mat washing machine and vacuum stations available.

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs


When it's time for a bath, save your home and head to Super Suds Car & Dog Wash.

Happy Cars, happy dogs, Happy Clients


Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

As Colorado Springs Realtors, our cars are our office. When you’re always driving in the snow, it’s great to have a car wash you can always count on to be open.

Mary and tom
Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

Bathing my three dogs at home was a nightmare and grooming required a second mortgage. I love that I’m able to afford and conveniently wash my dogs and my car at Super Suds Car & Dog Wash in Colorado Springs. 

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

I love taking Maverick for a day of hiking and playing in the water. I hate taking him home filthy.  Super Suds is convenient and they supply all the wash supplies!

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

I’m required to keep my work vehicle clean at all times. My unlimited wash package at Super Suds affordable and conveniently allows me to wash (and vacuum if necessary) my car as often as needed. And, they’re open 24 hours a day!


super suds car wash

As the newest self service car wash in Colorado Springs, Super Suds offers the best wash and best price in Colorado Springs!  From touchless to soft-cloth, pick your package today. 

super suds dog wash

Colorado Springs dog wash, Super Suds uses iClean Dog Wash touch screen technology with tv animation instruction for a clean dog in 10 minutes!

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