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I like that they pre-spray and suds up the car. Best car wash I've been to in town.

Took our dually through the new auto wash side, the young man the has been there both visits is super helpful and friendly. It's nice to encounter a young person that seems to actually enjoy his job! We will definitely go back. I'd like to try the dog wash as well!

Amazing !! First time trying , and I was very excited there is a touch-free option! The attendant was SUPER nice and helpful and scrubbed all the bugs off my car! Wonderful place. Will come again.

Gets the truck clean every time.

Great car wash and always in service. The wheel guides won't damage your rims. Multiple options including brush or touchless.

The attendants at this car wash were super professional, super helpful, and hard working. Had no idea they would scrub the bugs off the front and all the dust out of the hard to get areas on the back of my car. They treated my car like it was their own. Did a touch less auto wash and will be using them regularly. Great place!

I washed my car here earlier today and it came out super clean and shiny. I used the soft cloth option but you can also select a touchless option. I really liked having a friendly attendant scrub the front, back, and windshields before I entered the automated wash. Their bays are pretty wide and you don't have to line up your tires onto a narrow track. Their new automated wash system provided great water pressure and used a large volume of really hot water. The drying time lasted well over a minute. I also used the Mat Cleaning station and it cleaned all the dirt off my mats really well. Afterwards, I checked out the dog wash bays and they were very clean. They also have really tall bays for RVs. This is one of the nicest Car Wash that I've ever used.

Great touch less car wash in the springs area.

Great setup. They only have 2 wash tubs though. Very helpful staff on site.

They do a great job and treat your car and pets like it’s theirs and take pride in their work.

Brought our dogs and truck here for a wash. The dog wash station was excellent and the instructions made it easy. The vending machines for various things you might need was a good touch. A frequent visit program for the dog wash is listed as coming soon, which will be very nice to have. The car wash washed the truck well, getting able to do both in about 20 minutes was fantastic.

Best car wash I've had in a long time. No long lines, and they even clean your car while the car wash has started already. I had planned to use the soft cloth wash but they were doing maintenance so I just did the touch-free wash which ended up being absolutely awesome. Very professional, helpful and friendly staff!

Best $ … attendants go extra smile… better than drive through washes…

My dog must've found some kind of dead animal on our property and proceeded to rub it ALL over himself! He smelled fiercely like death and decay and vomit and all things horrendous you can imagine. Not anymore!! Love how we can conveniently come and bathe him without the mess, especially since I'd just cleaned the bathroom!

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