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Welcome to Super Suds Car & Dog wash located at the corner of Woodmen and Black Forest Road in Colorado Springs, CO.  Conveniently located next to Maverik and using the newest technology available, Super Suds is not only a convenient location to wash your car but a convenient location to wash your car and your dog!
Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

With an 8′ clearance, the Accutrac 360-i cleans faster than other inbay automatic car washes. Dual Spray Arms wash, wax, and rinse vehicles in under three minutes per car. The Oscillating Spray-Heads eliminate the need for rotary swivels. Basically put, Petit Accutrac 360-i  car washes are built for speed and packed with quadruple the cleaning power leaving you with a cleaner car in less time. 

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

Istobal’s FLEX5 features 30% faster wash and dry times compared to the typically used 3-brush machine. Our patented brush system travels and lifts by means of a variable speed dry system with 10 degrees of tilt on vertical brushes for a better wash. The contouring on-board dryer offers drivers a faster dry time and a dryer, spot free vehicle. 

Super Suds Car & Dog Wash Colorado Springs

Go from dirty without any mess in 10 minutes! The iClean Dog Wash Classic features car wash-quality components, an 11-inch touchscreen (iPad size) and a 32-inch Full HD TV with a lot of extra functionalities. Featuring the highest quality of products and a disinfecant cycle, iClean Dog Wash
can proudly say their system is the most advanced Dog Wash in the world and used at only the best dog washes  worldwide. 

Super Suds - Colorado Springs Car & Dog Wash
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